Saturday, 20 June 2015

Bite Night : Game Review

A speed set collecting tile game for kids. Vampires do not sparkle.

Kittens in a Blender : Game Review

Curiosity did not kill the cat. It was your opponent...and a blender. Lighthearted card game.

Rhino Hero : Game Review

Superheroes are all the rage. Combine it with a fun-tastic kids' card game...well, it's a hit!

Patchwork : Game Review

I enjoy tile games immensely. When it comes to scoring Patchwork, I find this game can lend itself to being unbalanced, which might leave a "new gamer" turned off to a fun, light, casual game. As an experienced player, I say have at it and may the best player win.

Takenoko : Game Review

Grow bamboo. Eat bamboo. Simple right? But do you have the right objectives to win the game?

Istanbul : Game Review

One of my favourite games...hands down. Variable set up. Mutiple paths to victory. It's a "drop off/pick up" your worker, do the ability on the card, collect - resources/money to get gems and win.

the Builders : Middle Ages

My very first review I had ever done. Fantastic game. For those that like "Splendor", (which I do like, it's a good game) this game still has the "I take this, you take that" mechanic (whether it's gems/cards for either game). In the Builders you have to manage your money as well. Just adds a little bit more to the game. About 1/2 the price and about 1/4 the size.

Colt Express : Game Review

A game in which you program your moves...around a 3 DIMENSIONAL board. How awesome is that!

Friday, 19 June 2015

Telepathy : Game Review

A fantastic 2 player deduction game, in the vein of the classic Mastermind.

Yahtzee : Game Review

As part of our "Classic Corner" Gamer Reviews, we periodically look back at games that set the foundation of the modern era. 

Yahtzee, a classic that still holds it's own today. A game of 5 little dice has never been more simple yet fun.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Rubik's Magic Strategy Game : Game Review

I'm sorry. What did you say? Tic-tac-toe? Yes, thank goodness for modern board games.

Lanterns ~ the Harvest Festival : Game Review

Build a map of lanterns to collect color cards for points. Nice components, good art...a fun, casual game.

Kigi : Game Review

Simple. Elegant. Serene.
A card game of pretty trees and tricky choices.

HexAgony : Game Review

Abstract tile placement. You had me at...abstract.

Mr. T Giant Card Game : Game Review

I pity the foul who don't like this review!

Star Wars Destroy the Death Star Game

A precursor to the very popular X-wing? Hardly.

Molecular : Game Review

Atoms connecting through bonds to form molecules in a fun tile placement game.

Monstrous : Game Review

The power we can wield upon the poor mortals!

You think we'd be able to flick cards better, but it sure is fun!

Akrotiri : Game Review

As you place tiles, explore islands and excavate hidden temples - complete your maps to victory!

Evolution : Game Review

Only the strong survive. Evolve your species to win the game.

Parfum : Game Review

Rolling dice to get ingredients to satisfy your customers needs. The sweet smell of success by Queen Games.

Mangrovia : Game Review

Majority rules as you build huts towards the end game.

Three Cheers for Master : Game Review

Build your tower of aggressive minions, try to keep the peace and Master happy!