Thursday, 16 July 2015

Ren Faire : Game Review

You've gone to the Renaissance Fair, but you're so underdressed. Time to earn some money and get some clothes!

Fire Ants : Game Review

A set collecting game with a cute theme and some strategy. Put out fires before they get out of control and burn down the entire colony and no one will win.

Mars Attacks Ten-Minute Takedown : Game Review

A brief overview of a filler dexterity game in which you are destroying humans. I mean, hitting targets.

Sushi Go : Game Review

Fantastic gateway game, filler game.....solid, fun, light, drafting game.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Connect 4 : Game Review

Older than the hills. Still sold in stores today. Is it still relevant and fun for the kids? Let's find out...

Othello : Game Review

Can you maintain area control of the board with your tokens to win?

Archaeology the Card Game : Game Review

A set collecting card game. Great gateway game for sure or just light fun. Brought to us by the fantastic designer that will go on to do Sushi Go and Cacao. (2 other fantastic games)

Longhorn : Game Review

Stealing cattle can be fun. Great designer. Great artist. Quick little 2 player game.

My First Carcassonne : Game Review

A fun version for kids. The game that adults love.