Sunday, 26 July 2015

Bad Bunnies : Game Review

Another great filler game, with a high/low theme by designer Jacques Zeimet. The artwork in the game is really, really well done.

Trakkx : Game Review

A tile laying game in which you are making groups of "sets" or "sequences". These can be rearranged and the first to play all of their tiles will win.

S'quarrels : Game Review

A set collecting game in which you ar gathering acorns. But make sure you do it before Winter and watch out for action cards.

Putz die Wutz : Game Review

Pigs...jam? What is going on! It's a quick paced reaction game in which you have to try and grab the proper item....if you can.

Leg Los : Game Review

A fun spin on charades in which people guess what you are building based on pictures on tiles. But hurry, you're racing against time and a limited number of components to build with.